de nieuwe snede

the new cut – 16th century material culture in the low countries

Calling this a tutorial seems almost criminal.

I purchased a wooden spoon from Townsend’s and it was slightly too big to eat comfortably with. Even though the product description said as much I was hopeful that my big mouth would be useful for once. It wasn’t!

Morgan and I were talking about the dearth of comfortably sized wooden spoons at West An Tir war, and I went on my merry way.

A year later I was knocking around Sur La Table when I noticed they had a small wooden spoon (I bought the 9″), but it was branded. Even though I know basically nothing about woodworking other than how not to cut my fingers off with a table saw (Thanks high school shop class!) I bought it. Armed with my husband’s Dremel and some sand paper and a few minutes, I made it totally useable for my purposes.


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