de nieuwe snede

the new cut – 16th century material culture in the low countries

When I was researching butter in the 16th and early 17th century, I stumbled across a butter curler in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen online catalog. It looked fairly simple to make but I have no tools at home so I asked a buddy of mine, the same who helped out with the rasp, for an assist.

He started it in his free time and this is where he ended up. We used some poplar leftover from another project.

I made the ridges in the curler used a Japanese pull saw and a triangular file. Getting the teeth on the curler right was a challenge, and I busted some of the teeth with my enthusiastic filing.



Saw, file, saw file, seemed to be the better way to go versus drawing out the lines. Eyeballing igt was the better option, although the teeth still seem a little off.

To stamp the circles we just used brass tubing heated up with a blow torch.

I’ll test this sucker out eventually. It still needs some sanding.

yay, a thing!

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