de nieuwe snede

the new cut – 16th century material culture in the low countries

I discovered the SCA after tagging along with my local Amtgard group to an SCA event in 2004. I was in high school and I ditched Amtgard shortly after and fell in love with the SCA.

I experimented with a few different cultures. In 2004 Viking clothing was de riguer. I was learning to sew and I found Drea Leed’s website Elizabethan Costume and made a 16th century kirtle following her bodice generator. I became more interested in the clothing and culture of the low countries based on her seminal research.

A very very long time ago (2006), I had a website called Northern Costume. Then the registration lapsed and I lost the domain name and I purchased Low Countries Costume (2008), which also is now defunct. I lost most things on the site and when I was looking back through my documents on my third computer since that website I realized I should probably preserve this stuff and update some things as well. And now, this blog exists.

The SCA was great while I was in college but after I graduated college in 2010 I got pretty busy with living abroad and being an Au Pair. When I came back in 2011 I met a very cool guy who had absolutely zero interest in the SCA, but tagged along with me to a few events anyway. Eventually we got married. I think he may never go to another event with me, which I respect. We are cool doing our own things. One of my “things” is sewing, which I really learned how to do after joining the SCA. I’ve definitely become better throughout time which goes to show anyone can learn to sew if they really want! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s my SCA “resume.”

Lady Aleit Pietersdochter
West Kingdom, Principality of the Mists

Classes Taught/Planned: 
Antwerpen Market Dress (Estrella War 2008, West Kingdom Spring Collegium 2008, West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tournament 2015)
Waxed Linen Lids (West Coast Culinary Symposium 2015)
In de koocken: A 16th century Dutch miller’s widow’s kitchen inventory (West Coast Culinary Symposium 2016)
Hair Taping (Northern Marches A&S 2016)
From Udder to Butter (Collegium Occidentalis 2017, WCCS 2018)

Positions held:
Court member for Katla and Kolskegg, Prince and Princess of the Mists Spring 2014
Queen’s Artisan for Etain du Pommier 2013
Court member for Etain du Pommier, Queen of the West 2013
Court member for Peza Mirina, Princess of the Mists 2005

Things organized:
Dutch Brothel Party, West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tournament 2015.
Antwerpen Market, West Kingdom Golden Beltane/Towne Faire 2016
Dairy Market, West Kingdom Beltane 2018

2005 Award of Arms – Megen and Alvar
2008 Rose Leaf – Daniel and Aeschine
2012 – Melan Pteron Cynagua – Richard and Alloria

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