de nieuwe snede

the new cut – 16th century material culture in the low countries

I was sitting on Facebook wasting time like I usually do when a link so amazing I couldn’t ignore it popped up in my feed. I’m not talking about some lame Buzzfeed repost, I’m talking about these peaches in almond milk from Eulalia Hath A Blogge. If you follow the source on her page, you’ll end up at a dinner party menu from 2002. If you follow the link they provide, you end up here, here being a Catalan cookbook from 1529 titled Libra Del Coch.

I have some frozen peaches in the freezer that need to be made into something delicious for a few reasons 1) I want to reclaim freezer space and 2) Almond milk needs to be made into something yummy.

165. Pottage Called Peach Dish

You will take the peeled peaches, and cut them into slices, and cook them in good fat broth; and when they are cooked, take a few blanched almonds and grind them; and when they are well-ground, strain them rather thick with that broth. And then cook this sauce with sugar and a little ginger, and when it is cooked, cast in enough pot-broth or that which falls from the roasting-spit. And let it stew well for a little; and then prepare dishes, and upon each one cast sugar; and in this same way you can make the sauce of quinces in the same manner; but the quinces need to be strained with [the] almonds, and they should not be sour, and likewise the peaches.

1lb sliced frozen peaches, sugar free and semi-thawed
1.5 cups homemade almond milk
1/4 tbsp powdered ginger
1/2-1 tbsp sugar

Add the peaches and 1 cup almond milk to your pot, along with 1/4 tbsp of powdered ginger. Add 1/2tbsp of sugar. Bring it to a boil, and then turn down to a simmer. Add the remaining almond milk. At some point you’ll want to taste test and and decide if it needs more ginger or sugar and even more almond milk or water. Let it cook until the peaches are mushy and the sauce is a bit thick, but not super thick. I know it’s pretty vague…

Almond milk is pretty fatty and rich, especially homemade almond milk. I didn’t try this with storebought because I was trying to use up what I had made. I think you’ll be surprised by how much the final product thickens up if you don’t add extra water or almond milk. I also ended up adding another 1/2 tbsp of sugar.

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