de nieuwe snede

the new cut – 16th century material culture in the low countries

The first iteration of this list was about 10 items that mostly just listed straight up modern Dutch to English equivalents. I have since compiled a very long footnoted list. I’ve tried to keep my list relevant to the 16th century, but I have included terms that fell out of popular use in the 16th century.

In order to make this list easier to parse, I have done by best to provide English equivalents for the Dutch terminology but it’s not always so simple. For example, a wambuis can have sleeves and be made of fabric  in which case I’d call it a doublet, or it can be sleeveless and made of leather, in which case I’d call it a jerkin.

Until I can get WordPress to play nicely with how I formatted it in Google Docs, the PDF of the glossary is available here in all of its footnoted goodness.

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